The signature of agreements between the Government and the UPF in the tourism field

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On 13 September 2018, Mr Patrick CAPOLSINI, President of the University of French Polynesia, Mrs Nicole BOUTEAU, Minister of Tourism and Mrs Christelle LEHARTEL, Minister of Education signed two Conventions at the Fare Pote'e.

The signature of two bilateral conventions is on the agenda. One concerns the training of students in tourism careers, the other concerns the research on tourism phenomena.


After the speeches of the President of the UPF and the Ministers, Pierre GHEWY, Director of the Centre d'Etudes du Tourisme en Océanie-Pacifique (CETOP) and Hiriata BROTHERSON, Research Assistant, were able to present the CETOP and in particular the launch of its website listing the latest publications of the Center's research academics.


The topics covered: the development of sustainable tourism, a barometer for assessing the e-reputation of a destination, gravity models, etc.

Sylvain PETIT, in charge of the pedagogical aspects of Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality management, who is also a CETOP / GDI team member then made a presentation of this Bachelor. Students of the Bachelor were also there to interact with the people in attendance.

Two students expressed their joy at seeing this bachelor's degree reopened. This allows one to pursue a degree in French Polynesia, highlighting the financial impact that an studying overseas would have. The other student welcomes the initiative aimed at the eventual oceanization of the managers.

Finally, the meeting ended with the signature of the two Conventions, officially inaugurating the existence of the CETOP.


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