Ongoing research

The CETOP's current research projects.

Here are a few studies we are currently working on :


Ongoing research


  • Study of the impact of Airbnb housing offers in French Polynesia (CETOP)
  • Comparative study of the best practices developed in UNESCO classified sites in South-Easth Asia and in French Polynesia : the case of the Marae Taputapuatea and the Marquesas (Arnaud DE RAULIN - University of French Polynesia)

This question will be developed from a legal perspective. 

  • Development of a measurement tool for sustainable tourisme applicable to French Polynesia  (Yann RIVAL - University of French Polynesia)
  • TSARQ  - Tourism Specialization Accross Ranges of Quality (Sylvain PETIT - University of French Polynesia)

Development of a study methodology  to mesure international touristic specialization through bilateral data and according to ranges of quality.


Last update : February 21st 2019