'Ia ora na e maeva, Welcome on the CETOP's website

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The CETOP (Centre d'Etudes du Tourisme en Océanie-Pacifique) is delighted to welcome you to this website dedicated to the study of tourism in the Oceania-Pacific region.

We are pleased to provide you an English version of our website here at the Center for Tourism Studies in Oceania-Pacific (CETOP).

This brand new place for discussion and research aims to help tourism stakeholders in French Polynesia in their decision by providing data and tools for in-depth understanding and even anticipation of tourism phenomena. This is why our geographical field of study is not limited to French Polynesia. It is intended to be broader in scope in order to observe situations encountered by territories that are certainly competitors but which, in many respects, are similar to ours. This field of study even goes beyond the Pacific since the tourist clientele is global. If our geographical space is wide, so are the disciplines covered.

CETOP is a tourism observatory within the Governance and Island Development Laboratory (GDI) of the Law, Economics and Management Department of the University of French Polynesia (UPF).

Despite its roots, CETOP integrates researchers interested in various disciplines: marketing, digital social networks, economics, strategy, sociology and anthropology. We are a recent team that is already showing its dynamism through its scientific production, its studies in progress and the partnerships it has developed through international exchanges. We are about twenty researchers mobilized on tourism.

The CETOP is based in Tahiti but our research partners come from the USA, Asia, New Zealand, France and England.

The government of French Polynesia has an ambitious target for tourism: 300,000 visitors in the long term. Our objective is to support this development through research and reflection with government authorities and professionals in the sector.

This website is aimed at a wide audience: lecturers, researchers, individuals, professionals in the sector or students. One of our objectives is to sensitize the locals to the importance of tourism for the economy. Many of them are now orienting their final theses in this field.

To better reach them, a Facebook page accompanies this website: http://www.facebook.com/cetop.upf 

The objective is not only to interest young Polynesians in tourism but also to motivate them to develop their careers in that field.

We thank our partners,

the Ministry of Tourism and Labour, in charge of relations with institutions and

the University of French Polynesia to give us the means to achieve our ambitions.


Pierre GHEWY

Co-director of  the CETOP