Tourist Guide University Diploma at the UPF (January to June 2019): registrations are open!

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This university diploma is open to holders of the baccalaureate. Its aim is to provide theoretical and practical elements of the profession of tourist guide in French Polynesia.

In response to the growing need for training of tourist guides in French Polynesia, the University of French Polynesia has the honour to propose a Tourist Guide University Diploma as from 2019.


Under the pedagogical direction of Sylvain Petit, also in charge of the Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management which reopened for the year 2018-2019, this short diploma valid on the Polynesian territory will provide interesting career opportunities for future participants. 


Objectives and skills developed

This university degree aims to provide the theoretical and practical elements to practice the profession of tourist guide in French Polynesia ( mountain guide and conference guide set apart). This diploma will also make it possible to design and market tourist tours in partnership with hotels and family guesthouses. This training will include economics and management courses, which will be supplemented by courses on Polynesian culture.


Admission requirements

Candidates must have at least a baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma.

They may also benefit from a validation of prior learning. 

Priority will be given to unemployed candidates looking for a job or those with a professional project in the context of tourism activities.


Pedagogical organization

Evening classes




Common core

E.U.1 Tourism economy in French Polynesia (20 hours)

E.U.2 Polynesian culture (20 hours)

E.U.3 E-Marketing (15 hours)

E.U.4 Business management (20 hours)

E.U.5 Marketing of sightseeing tours and packages (30 hours)

EU 6 First aid training and management of mobility-impaired people (10 hours)

U.E.7 Memory: design of a tour or tourist activity and business plan


Specialty (choose one of the 2)


E.U.8 Japanese customers (30 hours)

E.U.9 Anglo-Saxon customers (30 hours)



145 hours



Permanent testing

Only trainees who have followed all the EU in the common core and a speciality can apply for the university diploma.


Training costs

Full benefit (EU 1 to EU7 + EU8 or EU9), university diploma award: 170 000 F CFP


To learn more : 

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