Meeting between Bachelor in Hospitality and Tourism Management students and a Linfield College study group

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Université de la Polynésie française
On January, 11th 2019, students of the UPF and Linfield College met on our campus to mutually introduce their diploma and universities but also to learn about the basics of Tourism Economics in French Polynesia.

Each year, Linfield College a private university based in Oregon, USA offers the opportunity to its students to go on an off-campus study trip fully paid by the institution. Every credit trip allows them to gather credits towards the completion of their diploma.

Through this Jan Term Study Abroad, 11 students and their lecturer Eric SCHUCK made it to Tahiti.


During the month of January, they will successively study the economical development and the History of French Polynesia and Hawaii, with a strong emphasis on natural and food resources and tourism in the two insular collectivities. They will proceed to comparative studies between the two economies who experience divergences in their singular colonial experience and the social and economical consequences of their occupation.

Finally, the aim will be to examine how globalization has affected the maohi and maoli culture, to describe the positive and negative impacts of integration.


Students of Linfield College and their lecturer have been greeted by their peers of the Bachelor in Hospitality and Tourism Management of the University of French Polynesia under the direction of:

- Sylvain PETIT, Lecturer in Economics of the UPF

- Jean-Paul PASTOREL, Vice-Dean of the UPF

- Jean-Claude LECUELLE, Director of the Continued Education of the UPF

- Hinano GUERIN, counsellor of the Ministry of Tourism

- Teanatea TETOE, Responsible of the American market of the Tahitian Authority of Tourism.


First, the students attended a one-hour lecture on Tourism Economics in French Polynesia given by Sylvain PETIT.

Then, André TEFAAROA introduced her Bachelor in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

At last, three students of Linfield College respectively introduced their majors in Economics and Management available at their University. This college is the only one in the USA offering a full curriculum in Oenology and Wine Management and off-campus study trips for which airfares are fully paid by the University.

The meeting ended around a cocktail that allowed students to exchange on cultural and culinary subjects.


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