Université de la Polynésie Française - Tahiti

International Relations


Situated at the center of a widely dispersed oceanic community, the University of French Polynesia (UPF) seeks to develop relationships with the outside world. Therefore, agreements of cooperation were made with foreign universities in order to encourage common activities by setting up programs of international exchange. It is also important to note that aside from these agreements between universities for studies, research partnerships also exist.


Under the supervision of the University President, the International Office Administrator implements the institution’s policy of international cooperation. Accordingly, he is in charge of internal information, organization, management and reception, and of external actions pertaining to relationships with foreign universities and organizations.


Informing :

  • UPF students on the possibilities of foreign studies within the framework of international and European agreements and on the available grants to help them carry out their projects ;
  • Foreign students, notably those enrolled in our partner universities, on the conditions of their stay at UPF ;
  • Professors and researchers on the possibilities of developing their international activities ;
  • Partner universities, diplomatic representations and foreign organizations on courses offered by UPF.

Supervising :

  • The application procedures for students who wish to participate in international exchange programs (agreements of cooperation with foreign universities) and European programs such as Erasmus ;
  • The cooperation relationships with partner universities ;
  • The mobility grants given following social criteria to UPF students who wish to study abroad with one of our partner universities ;
  • The application procedures for UPF students applying for language assistant positions abroad.

Organizing :

  • Greetings and meetings with foreign students and delegations who are visiting UPF ;
  • The reception and stay of foreign students and professors participating in exchange programs.

Updating :

  • The documentation on partner universities ;
  • The international information on the UPF website.


Through its International Office, the University of French Polynesia wishes to strengthen its involvement in the French-speaking community, particularly through its membership to the AUF (Agency of French speaking world universities) organization. The AUF contributes to the setting up of an academic French-speaking network which is well-structured and interactive and links up universities and research organizations using French as the main language of work. The University of French Polynesia is an active member of the AUF (Asia-Pacific network).


Under the supervision of the University President, the International Office Administrator in charge of the French-speaking world is responsible for informing UPF students and also maintaining relations with the universities and organizations of the French-speaking world, in particular the AUF.


French language teaching assistants abroad

The principal aim of this program is to enable students to get to know the language and culture of certain foreign countries, while sharing our language and culture with the host institutions.

The role of French language teaching assistants :

Improving foreign students ‘communication skills and strengthening their knowledge of French culture Assisting French language teachers abroad.

Working conditions :

The teaching assistant is recruited and paid by the foreign authorities but is responsible for his or her own accommodation, food and travel.

Countries concerned :

English speaking countries : Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland.

Training courses for French as a foreign language (FLE)

Training courses for French as a foreign language are organized each year for teachers from New Zealand upon the request of the French embassy in New Zealand.

Mobility grants for the French speaking world (AUF)

These grants are given in the framework of the AUF organization in order to facilitate mobility for study and research within that network.

Digital campus ESP@DON

(Open and Distance Learning University in the Pacific and Asia).

The University of French Polynesia seeks to integrate the AUF’s transverse program dedicated to new technologies via its digital campus Esp@don. As part of the programs, information-based technologies are used to reinforce the development of the universities of the South.