Université de la Polynésie Française - Tahiti

How to participate to students exchange programs ?

You are a foreign student registered in one of our university partners

Incoming students : International and Erasmus students

Students coming to UPF through an Exchange program are divided into two categories :

  • International Exchange Students ;
  • Erasmus Students.


Contact the International Exchange or Erasmus Coordinator of your home institution regarding your wish to apply at UPF.

After you have been officially nominated by your home institution, you will be able to complete the UPF application form.

Once received with the required documents and approved by UPF, an admission letter will be sent to you and will enable you to apply for a student visa nearby the French Embassy in your country.

Your arrival at UPF

When you arrive at UPF, you are invite to come at the International Office for useful information. You will also be given an appointment for your administrative enrolment.

Before registering with the UPF Direction de la Scolarité, you need to know the courses you are going to attend.

There are 3 departments at UPF :

  • Law, Economics and Management,
  • Humanities, Languages and Human Sciences,
  • Sciences, Medical Sciences, Technology.

Choosing your course and taking an exam

Arranging an appointment with the senior lecturer before taking your course is highly advisable.

Keep your tutor in your home university informed about which courses you are taking so that he/she can give you some advice and help you make the right choices.

All you have to do is to check if the courses you have chose match your student profile and will be recognised by your home institution. Of course, a reasonable and relevant choice of courses will help you to pass your final exams more easily.

It is therefore up to the student to check the course schedules and to make sure that they start and end (including the exams) before the end on his/her stay here at UPF as an exchange student.

Attendance at the courses is strongly encouraged. At the end of each course most exchange students must take exams in order to get their credits and marks. All the courses at UPF with a few exceptions, are held in French.